Environment Technology

Compact. Efficient. Scalable.

Our wastewater treatment process combines a maximum clarification output, with an up to date environmentally friendly technology. We design and deliver turn-key clarification technology, always customized for your individual application.

  • Clarification plants and components for municipal wastewater up to 4 PE
  • Procedural design and subcontractor for municipal wastewater clarification plants
  • Clarification plants and components for industry and businesses
  • Mobile container clarification plants up to 750 PE /container
  • Clarification plants and components for 4-50 PE as not being mass-produced small sewage treatment plant with Qd ≤ 8 m³/d according to the actual regulation

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Municipal Wastewater

Clarification Plants and Components for Municipal Wastewater

Municipal wastewater accumulate decentral or are collected in a sewer network and fed into a central treatment plant. EvU® plans and implements biological clarification plants from small sized to solutions for up to several thousand inhabitants according to the DWA-Policy and our own technical directives.

Domestic (decentral)
Mass-produced decentral plants respectively small clarification plants sized 4-50 PE will be examined extensively by the Deutsche Institut für Bautechnik (DIBT) before delivery and are approved for installation after they are issued a test mark. Our core competencies in this field are being completed by our partner Bluvita GmbH & Co. KG from Scharnebeck. Sturdy and reliable small sized clarification technology, in fixed bed-, SBR- or MbbR version make sure that your wastewater is treated economically. Premium concrete- or double walled plastic container, ensure the longevity of a plant.
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Municipal (central)
The main focus for plants sized up to 2000 PE is turn-key plant construction as well as delivery and installation of EvU-Pearl® along with integral plant equipment.

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Business & Industry

Biological Clarification Plants are cost-effective

Idustrial wastewater treatment on site is a longterm money saving investment. Investing in your own equipment will pay out within a few years because of savings in municipal fees.

Biofilm and Activated Sludge: High Efficiency and Economical

Our plants for biological treatable industrial wastewater, usually don‘ t need chemical or flocculating agents. And are most efficient and low maintenance because of the combined technology.

Areas of Application

  • Food processing industry
  • Pharmaceutical industry
  • Chemical industry
  • Paper industry
  • Distilleries and Breweries
  • Textile industry
  • Landfill leakage water
  • Coking plant waste water
  • Leather industry
  • and so on...

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Mobile Anlagen

Mobile Container Clarification Plants

Our mobile container clarification plants are a flexible, affordable solution for temporary use or in remote locations. But that doesn’t mean you have to pass on high quality clarification technology: equipped with all the necessary stages, wastewater can be treated effectively (acceptable for discharge) in this type of plant. You can combine our systems modularly from 50 to 600 m³/d. Containers can be used for above ground or sub-surface installation and are available in combination with pre- and secondary treatment stages:
• modular system for individual use
• capacity: up to 120 m³ per day and container
• for rent or to lease
• including installation and first commissioning

Renting and Leasing

Especially if you need a plant short notice or as a temporary solution, the acquisition might not be economical. You can rent or lease our mobile clarification plants and we will arrange for delivery, installation, start of operation as well as maintenance.

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