Service / Maintenance

Planning. Installation. Maintenance.

We will still be available to you on a longterm basis after the installation of your plant. EvU® also offers assistance with parts of your projects or operating services for your existing plant.

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and Basic Evaluation

We offer our customers extensive project development services, from single component to turnkey concept. Because we are a one stop source we can make you a cost effective offer. An in-house laboratory as well as technical equipment help us to evalute the basic parameter and process steps to treat your wastewater. Beneficiary to our customers are collaborations with other companies and universities which ensure a broad expertise.

and Pilot Run

We´re going to install and test your new clarification plant according to your respective requirements. Here we take over the technical montage of the clarification plant as well as the leak test and the startup.

and Supervision

Wastewater treatment plants require a professional technical support. Regarding this, EvU® can offer you a comprehensive service. After the signing of a maintenance/service contract, we will perform the agreed upon tasks on EvU® manufactured plants as well as other brands. You can count on a fast, competent and reliable maintenance team.

Renting & Leasing

Especially if you need a plant short notice or as a temporary solution, the acquisition might not be economical. You can rent or lease our mobile clarification plants and we will arrange for delivery, installation, start of operation as well as maintenance.

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