Our brilliant solution for pure water

EvU Pearl® is a high performance filling material for industrial, municipal and further specialized applications, where it becomes necessary to use biofilm for wastewater treatment. So our growth support EvU Pearl® is the most efficient method. The carrier material ensures excellent results and can be exactly adapted to your requirements.

EvU Pearl® can be used in environmental technology as carrier material, filter- and filling material.

EvU Pearl® - All advantages at a glance


The Development

Simple geometrical structure with large surface


The Structure

Structure enables good flow and results in a stabil biofilm


The Durability

Minor susceptibility to clogging due to hair / excellent durability


The Flexibility

You can enhance aerobic or anoxic processes


The Possibilities

Broad spectrum of application available


The Costs

Great cost-benefit effect and fantastic price-performance ratio

Planning & Realization

of biological Clarification plants, cost-efficient modification and service features

Clarification Plants

Our water treatment process combines highest cleaning power with modern, eco-friendly technology. We plan and deliver turnkey clarification technology.


Using the EvU®-process compact and highly efficient plants can be installed in an eco-friendly way and without any chemical agents.


Based on the EvU®-process you can efficiently and cost- effectively activate or upgrade existing clarification plants.


On request we will still be available to you on a longterm basis after the installation of your plant. So ask for our service features this very day.

Within the research project AWAREGIO the research institutes of Aachen and Leipzig, as well as small and medium-sized companies from Brandenburg, Saxony and North Rhine-Westphalia and the water board based at left Lower Rhine, are busy with research questions in terms of recycling treated wastewater, wastewater born nutrients and energy from sewage in plant production, pisciculture and for drinking water substitution.

Pure Water Is Vital Energy

Individual solutions for private households, municipalities, business and industry.

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